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Floating Memories

$40.00 CAD

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Floating Memories (Quebec Barn)


“Floating Memories” is from the Incredible Cloud Collection. I painted it from a photo I took while driving through the fields of Quebec to the east coast. This painting is an exercise in learning how to hold on to the positive memories of past relationships.

This piece is available printed on fine art paper, or gallery wrapped canvas. Please allow 1-2 weeks for printing and shipping, as I work with a local fine art printer to bring these pieces to life.

Fine Art Paper • 9” x 12” • $40

Gallery Wrapped Canvas • 9” x 12” • $80

For other size options, please note that this painting is available in a card format, which can be gifted with your beautiful words written inside, framed as a small series - or turned into whatever your wonderful mind can imagine!


I took this photo through the windshield of my Grand Am while driving to the east coast with Steve in 2015. I've painted the photo once before, but this time was different because I'm not with Steve and I'm learning how to hold on to the positive memories.

Going to the east coast was a fantastic trip. For a long time I worried that it would be ruined for me because I would just associate it with someone I'm no longer with. But now I think that isn't bad. I went on a fun adventure with my best friend. That is how it should be remembered. Road trips are one of my favourite ways to learn and grow. I'm glad I have this one. 

Gallery Wrapped Canvas • 9” x 12” • $215

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